[Zope] POSKeyError

Jeremy M. Smith jeremy@ucdavis.edu
Tue, 27 May 2003 15:36:18 -0700


A couple of weeks ago, an IDE error caused some minor damage to my 
Data.fs file. Unfortunately, there had been some significant changes to 
that file since the previous weekly backup, so I did not want to restore 
from backup. I used the fsrecover.py utility to recover the damaged 
Data.fs with great results. A few folders inside Data.fs did have 
problems, but all of them were corrected by exporting and importing the 
damaged folder and just re-importing it . . . except for one.

With this one folder, I get a POSKeyError. After researching this 
problem online, I used the fsrefs.py utility to determine which object 
it is that's not being found, but I can't figure out how to either a) 
get that object back (since I can't access the management screens due to 
the error) or b) remove the invalid references. I have seen some 
references to truncating (a copy of) the Data.fs just before the 
transaction that causes the error, but I haven't found any instructions 
on how to do this.

So, is there any good way to fix this by either replacing the object or 
deleting the invalid transaction?




Jeremy M. Smith <jeremy@ucdavis.edu>
Computer Systems Administrator
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