[Zope] zope and COM

Dmitry Dembinsky dmitry@deluxoft.com
Wed, 28 May 2003 11:38:22 +0200

> Hello,
> In order to manage m$ office documents from Zope (2.5.1 
> win32) I've downloaded the win32all-151 installer (for python 
> 2.1) so I can use COM from Zope. My problem is that I'm 
> unable to install it since I have no python interpreter 
> installed (apart from zope's python), the package installer 
> complains about "python 2.1 does not appear to be installed 
> on this computer.".
> * someone has managed to install this package into zope?
I had the same problem with another package which also required
python2.1 and was unable to detect it.
I'm not sure it's a straight way to do it but it worked for me

I assumed that the package installer looks for installed python in
so I did the following:

- Installed python 2.1.3 to a directory c:\python21.
- From registry I exported HKLM/SOFTWARE/Python/PythonCore/2.1 to the
text file
- In the file I replaced all instances of c:\python21 with the zope
binary path 
(in my case: c:\program files\ZopeTest\bin)
- Then imported updated file back to registry.

After that I run the package installer again and this time it
successfully installed a package.