[Zope] Problems with Zope

yenny natalia pedraza ypedraza27@hotmail.com
Wed, 28 May 2003 18:06:34 -0500


I've any problems with Zope Products.

1.  Does any Zope product that allows to perform forums?.

2.  Is that product able to (or allowed to):
    - Create Forums groups, defined groups in which a moderator and users 
are present, who are constantly joining the forum through an application 

    - Is it possible to automaticly create the access a forum after a user 
signing in the web site?.

3.  I installed the LoginManager in the folder that contains all the Zope 
Website files.  When I run the scripts ./start and I use the Zope Management 
Interface, the LoginManager shows Broken product advice and then the 
traceback informs there is a line 541 error from the "Application.py" file.  
Where does this problem belong to?.  Can this version be incompatible with 
the Zope version that I own?

Thanks for any help!!

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