[Zope] Version problems

Cliff Ford Cliff.Ford@ed.ac.uk
Thu, 29 May 2003 06:11:48 +0100

An eternity ago (20 May) I followed the exchange initiated by Ken Causey 
on problems in saving Versions. Having updated to the latest Zope 
version (2.6.2b1) I did not anticipate similar problems but regret to 
report I have suffered them. I am out of the hole and don't need help 
but thought it might be useful to report a few facts:

I spent an evening making extensive revisions to a development site 
under version control - mostly moving folders and revising menus. I am 
pretty sure I was the only active user. Happy with may changes I saved 
them and left Version control (no error messages, everything apparently 
normal). None of the changes were visible to normal users! Out of 
Version control all the changes were marked as locked. In Version 
control all of the changes were visible. Saving produced the message 
"Nothing to Save". Very frustrating, and easy to understand Ken's 
swearing never to use Versions again.

I got out of the hole by exporting the entire site, which is fortunately 
in a folder one level down from root. (I think I must have been in 
Version control but can't swaer to that.) I renamed the problem folder 
and imported the exported folder. That did the trick - I had all the 
changes I had made. Phew!

Whilst poking around for a solution I noticed that my Version was not 
owned by me! I have a colleague who looks after hardware and software 
installation, the apache front end, rewrite rules and so on. A few weeks 
ago we decided to rename the site folder and he did that because it was 
associated with the rewrite rules. It turns out he probably did a copy 
and paste + rename to creat the folder with the new name whilst the old 
folder still existed. He seems to have become the owner of the new 
branch and all its sub-items. I don't know if this is the source of the 
problem with Versions, but I too am reluctant to use Version control again.