[Zope] SQL-Transaction

Dieter Maurer dieter@handshake.de
Sat, 31 May 2003 10:53:24 +0200

Dieter Fischer wrote at 2003-5-30 12:02 +0200:
 > ...
 > Currently I'm trying to create a product, which (should) work(s) with
 > several databases. So I've tested it now against ODBC (ZODBCDA/M$-Access)
 > and PostgreSQL (ZPsycopgDA). The problem occures only with ODBC.

The problem might be M$-Access (I would not be astonished to learn
that it implements transactions in the way you have described (i.e.
the transaction does not see its own changes)).

Otherwise, "ZODBCDA" has a number of known problems (loosing "commit"s
does not belong to this set, though).
If possible, drop it in favour of (e.g.) ZmxODBCDA.