[Zope] ExternalEditor MSOffice plugins...

Larry J. C. Prikockis larry_prikockis at natureserve.org
Wed Oct 1 17:19:29 EDT 2003

I know this has been discussed on the list before, but I don't know that
I've ever seen a definitive answer....

when using the ExternalEditor helper app on a Windows machine, I seem to
be unable to get the plugins for Word, Excel, etc. to work properly UNLESS
I have Python installed on that machine.

Otherwise, I get the message "FATAL ERROR:(126,'LoadLibrary', 'The
specified module could not be found.')

For myself, this is no problem since I DO have python installed on any
computer I work on, but for the average user of our Intranet, it's not a
good assumption.

I was under the impression that the helper application should be the only
client installation necessary to enable ExternalEditor for users.  Is this
not the case with the Word and Excel plugins?

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