[Zope] Calling objects with a dot in them

Florian Lindner mailinglists at xgm.de
Thu Oct 2 06:47:15 EDT 2003

Douwe Osinga wrote:

> you could try:
> RESPONSE.redirect( context['register.zpt'].absolute_url() )

Ok, thanks. It works. Another question:  ;-)

I add a ErrCode variable to register.zpt. So in fact it redirects to 
Now I want to add some HTML Code to the register.zpt with ZPT if ErrCode 
has the value "nouser". The problem is that ErrCode is not given in all 
cases. How can I do that? I suppose something with tal:condition but I 
don't really know how..

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>>stupid question, but...
>>I want to redirect to register.zpt. How can I do that?
>>RESPONSE.redirect = context.register.zpt.absolute_url

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