[Zope] Calling objects with a dot in them

Florian Lindner mailinglists at xgm.de
Fri Oct 3 04:51:32 EDT 2003

J Cameron Cooper wrote:
>> I add a ErrCode variable to register.zpt. So in fact it redirects to 
>> "http://example.com/register.zpt?ErrCode=nouser".
>> Now I want to add some HTML Code to the register.zpt with ZPT if 
>> ErrCode has the value "nouser". The problem is that ErrCode is not 
>> given in all cases. How can I do that? I suppose something with 
>> tal:condition but I don't really know how..
> One way might be:
> <span tal:condition="python:request['ErrCode']=='nouser'" 
> tal:on-error="nothing">A!</span>
> The span, of course, can be any tag, or go away with a tal:omit-tag.

Thats about that what I do.
I first define assign a variable:

tal:define="ErrCode REQUEST/ErrCode|string:'noerror'"

And then test with:

<font size="-1" color="red" tal:condition="python: 

But the A! is always there, even if no ErrCode is provided. What's wrong?

> You may want to check error types if you do anything more complex than 
> checking a REQUEST parameter. Check the online help for details on that.

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