[Zope] Long delay when error occurs in External Method

Jens Vagelpohl jens at zope.com
Fri Oct 3 09:41:47 EDT 2003

OOK, how about this one then (I like to ask the hard questions) ...
> On one of my Zope servers (this one is running on Windows - ick), if a
> python script or page template throws a Zope error, and I debug my 
> code so
> that it should no longer throw the error, it will take 5 minutes before
> Zope acknowledges my change.  Until then, the page will continue to 
> throw
> the same error again and again.  Scripts and page templates with no 
> bugs
> immediately respond to code changes, as they should.  I can reproduce 
> this
> behavior as easily as creating a new python script containing the code
> 'return x'.  When I run it, I get an error (x does not exist).  If I
> rewrite it to 'x = 1; return x' I still get the error for 5 minutes, at
> which point Zope seems to become aware of my change.
> Nathaniel

Is there a cache between you and the server? Caches can cache error 
pages, too.


P.S.: Did you pay Dieter support money or why did you send this mail 
directly to him?

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