[Zope] Long delay when error occurs in External Method

Passin, Tom tpassin at mitretek.org
Fri Oct 3 10:55:47 EDT 2003

[nwingfield at che-llp.com]
> On one of my Zope servers (this one is running on Windows - ick), if a
> python script or page template throws a Zope error, and I 
> debug my code so
> that it should no longer throw the error, it will take 5 
> minutes before
> Zope acknowledges my change.  Until then, the page will 
> continue to throw
> the same error again and again. 

Sounds like a browser cache thing.  Are you by any chance using IE to
look at the Windows server, but some other browser to look at the
non-windows servers?

You could check this notion by making a change, clearing the browser
caches, closing ALL copies of the browser (just to be on the safe side)
, and then re-opening the browser and checking.


Tom P

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