[Zope] A ZEO 2, Zope 2.6.2 installation problem

J. Cameron Cooper jccooper at jcameroncooper.com
Fri Oct 3 12:27:44 EDT 2003

>We're trying to move to an installation with Zope 2.6.2 and ZEO 2. We
>currently run Zope 2.6.1b2 with Zeo 1.
>I've got a client and a ZEO installed, compiled as the user zope. If I start
>the ZEO with the following command: sudo -u zope python2 start.py -h
>xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx -p 7700
>And start the client with the following: sudo -u zope /usr/bin/python2
>$cwd/z2.py -D -a xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx -w 8080 -u zope
>I get a working Zope on port 8080.
>When I attempt to do the same thing on port 80, however, the Zope, of
>course, won't bind to port 80 because of permissions. If I start the Zope
>like this, however : /usr/bin/python2 $cwd/z2.py -D -a xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx -w 80
>-u zope
>The debug shows the zope starting up fine, with no errors at all. But it
>won't let me get into the site via a Web browser. The Zope thinks it's OK,
>but it just spins when you  make a request (and doesn't log a request to
>I've tried both the stable ZEO 2.0b3 on Zope.org as well as one from CVS
>that was recommended on the list a while back.
For some reason (I think it's a known bug) ZEO clients will not 
currently work when started as root, which is necessary in order to bind 
to port 80. (This has bit me recently too.)

As you've seen, the workaround is to start it on a high port as a 
regular user and proxy/masquerade/rewrite/whatever to port 80. It's a 
good idea to front Zope with a proxy anyway, but if it's for internal 
use or you're not concerned for some reason, you can have your OS do 
port masquerading/forwarding. I just put an iptables rule on plone-users 
list that does just that.


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