[Zope] can a dtml-let work for this?

Aaron Kunkle aaronkunkle at earthlink.net
Fri Oct 3 15:23:56 EDT 2003

I'm moving from a frames layout to a css-p layout and I'm having a
problem pushing a variable into the namespace.
Here's my main dtml document:

<dtml-var head>
<dtml-var top_html-css>
<dtml-var left_html-css>
<dtml-var table>

The 3 dtml-var tags in the middle insert my css positioned div tags.
'Table' is my main content and the others are a header and navigation
section. The table needs an account_id passed to it and I was hoping the
dtml-let tag would work but it's apparently not making the variable
available for use like I need.  I get an error about account_id not
being available unless I specifically pass it in through the url.  
Is there something I'm doing wrong or should I be approaching this from
a completely different way?  I've tried a couple of different methods,
including a dtml-in and putting the dtml-let in the actual 'table'
document and neither worked.

Aaron Kunkle
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