[Zope] Re: [Zope-dev] Using 2.3.2 for Zope 2.7

Craeg K Strong cstrong at arielpartners.com
Sat Oct 4 17:32:25 EDT 2003

+1000 for moving directly to 2.3.2
I maintain several existing Zope add-on products that have to change 
anyway to be compatible
with 2.7.  Why on earth would I want to go through that pain *twice* ? 
Change is inevitable.  Killing two birds with one stone means less pain 
overall, IMHO.


Chris McDonough wrote:

>Some people at ZC have made pretty compelling arguments to make Python
>2.3.2 the "recommended" version of Python to use with Zope 2.7 final. 
>I'm wondering if other people have a strong feeling about this either

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