[Zope] Weird problem with permissions

Florian Lindner mailinglists at xgm.de
Sun Oct 5 08:07:37 EDT 2003

I've just discovered a strange thing with my (test-)site. I don't know 
if it was from the beginning, or if I changed something.
I'm using CookieCrumbler for authentication. I'm not logged in 
(Anonymous User).
I've a page template with a form. The action attribute of the form 
refers to python-script-object. But if I submit the script I'm 
redirected to the login-page (the page set in cookie-crumber). Obviously 
a anon user doesn't have permissions to execute the script. All 
permissions are set to acquire, in the objects and in the upper folders.
Is this normal? Which permissions do I have to set?
The same behavior I've with a page template which just calls a 
SQL-method and displays (tal:repeat) the results. I've changed no 
security permissions.
Everything works when I'm logged in with a user.
What is wrong?

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