[Zope] dtml-let + dtml-in question

Dylan Reinhardt zope at dylanreinhardt.com
Mon Oct 6 15:29:08 EDT 2003

On Mon, 2003-10-06 at 12:19, A. B. Monta wrote:
> What's the best way of doing this?  I'm
> stuck because to 
> display the subtotals, I've had to close out the
> dtml-let tags that 
> enabled them to be displayed in the first place.

Your situation would be a decent argument for using this:

<dtml-call "REQUEST.set('var_name', expression)">

Where var_name *must* be quoted and expression is any valid Python

If you're iterating over several rates and days, you may want to load
these values into a single dict or list... this will help cut down on
namespace clutter.



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