[Zope] Hardware requirements: cpu or memory?

Sergey Volobuev zope at phpv.khv.ru
Mon Oct 6 20:15:41 EDT 2003

>I have Zope and Plone installed on a Pentium 266Mh with 64 MB Memory.
>And the site is running slow.
>What is the most simple (and cheapest) way to increase its speeds?
>A new CPU, or could buying some more memory (like 256Mb) be enough?

The cheapest way to speed up your site is to throw away the Plone :)  At 
my expirience, it runs 10 times slower than pure CMF, and CMF site 
runs... say... 5 times slower than plain Zope site built with  
dtml/PythonScripts.  Some time ago i has two sites running at Cel 
366/128 RAM with acceptable performance. And that box runs also apache, 
squid, mysql and even XWindow!

BTW, can anyone tell me, what makes Plone so slow? Default setup renders 
simple pages in 3-4 sec on PIII 800, and even on P4 2,4 site visitor 
expiriences annoying pauses.

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