[Zope] I'm insane, THANK YOU!

Passin, Tom tpassin at mitretek.org
Tue Oct 7 10:26:33 EDT 2003

[ Ken Whitesell]
> Tom,
> 	THANK YOU! You helped me address a couple of issues I've never 
> known before. (Of course, I'm still new with this web stuff, so an 
> awful lot of this is new to me.)

It's suddenly more fun, isn't it?.

> To wit -> If I have a window open called "Stock" with a table, and a 
> cell within that table with an ID="sDollars", then from the 'main' 
> window, I can do this:
> sdWin = open('', 'Stock');
> sdWin.document.all.sDollars.innerText = "$100";
> (I think I copied this correctly.)
> Anyway, it works under IE, doesn't work at the moment for Netscape - 
> I know the object reference is something different, just haven't 
> found it yet.

Mozilla/NS does not support innerText, but it does have innerHTML, which
may work.  Mozilla has a bug that can mess up table display sometimes
when you change cell contents (or at least cell visibility via CSS
assignments), so you may have to do some testing.  Also, I cannot recall
whether Moz supports "all", but there are other ways to get to the bit
you want to find if it does not - the prominent one being
document.getElementById(), which works with IE as well.


Tom P

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