[Zope] RE: DTML-IF problem

Derek S. Wilson dwilson at abrazohealth.com
Tue Oct 7 11:50:14 EDT 2003

Well, Here's what I do when my database doesn't return anything...
<dtml-in getProjects>
 <td><input type="radio" name="ID" value="<dtml-var id>"><dtml-var id></td>
 <td><dtml-var startdate></td>
 <td><dtml-var enddate></td>
 <td><dtml-var location></td>
 <td><dtml-var assignedto></td>
 <td><dtml-var name></td>
 <td><center><dtml-var percentcompleted>%</center></td>
<h1>No projects found.</h1><br><br><br>

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	Subject: DTML-IF problem

	Dear All,
	    I am getting problem while evaluating the condition. I am retrieving
	the values from MySQL database to show in the text boxes. Here I would
	like to test whether the data in the database is empty or not. If empty
	then I would like to show one message, if not I wanted to get the value.
	This is the code:
	<input type="text" name="date3:date" size="15" value="<dtml-if
	"Child_Enrollment_Date=='NULL'"><dtml-var Child_Enrollment_Date
	"REQUEST.set('Child_Enrollment_Date1',Child_Enrollment_Date.strftime('%m/%d/%Y'))"><dtml-var Child_Enrollment_Date1 null=""></dtml-if>">
	It is every time executing the <dtml-else> part. How can I validate the
	'Null'? Please give your suggestions on this
	Thanks & Regards
	Praveen Kumar
	SoftPro Systems Ltd

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