[Zope] How to synchronize a Plone site between 2 zope servers...

J Cameron Cooper jccooper at jcameroncooper.com
Tue Oct 7 20:19:43 EDT 2003

>I'm looking for a method to synchronize correctly a Plone site between 2
>zope servers, because import/export is not a goog solution because of skins
>I tried to execute a python script I found from Internet but it's not
>perfect I've got some errors...
>Is there a product to simplify the synchronization ? Elsewhere What is the
>best way to do it ?
Look for ZSyncer. It won't do filesystem-based skins, but should be able 
to sync 'custom'. You may also have to force it to sync the tools, but I 
don't know, as I've only tried it for content.


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