[Zope] Zope Date format conversion problem

K. Praveen Kumar praveen at softprosys.com
Thu Oct 9 02:15:10 EDT 2003

Dear All,
     I am facing problems while converting American date
format(MM/DD/YYYY) to MySQL date format(YYYY/MM/DD). Here I'm giving the
code I'm using, please suggest where I have gone wrong and how to


<dtml-var la_header>
		<form name="data" ACTION="test_back" METHOD="POST">
<input type="text" name="date2" size="15" value="">
<input type=submit name=submit value=update>


<dtml-if "submit=='update'">

<dtml-if "date2==_.None">
     <dtml-var date2 null="">
     <dtml-call "REQUEST.set('date2',date2.strftime('%Y/%m/%d'))">
     <dtml-var date2 null="">


<dtml-var date2>

Thanks & Regards
Praveen Kumar
SoftPro Systems Ltd

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