[Zope] Zope factory uses the file name not the instance method

Max M maxm at mxm.dk
Thu Oct 9 12:04:08 EDT 2003

I have two versions of an manage_addSomeForm.

# zmi version
manage_addTopicForm = PageTemplateFile('zpt/Topic_manage_addTopicForm', 

# edit version
manage_addTopic = PageTemplateFile('zpt/Topic_manage_addTopic', globals())

The zmi version worked nicely. The product gets added etc. But the edit 
version, which is for the custom editing interface, did NOT work when I 
called it from a form:

<input type="submit"
class="button" tal:attributes="value i18n/new">

But if I call it with the filename of the Page Template instead, I get 
the behaviour I want.

<input type="submit"
class="button" tal:attributes="value i18n/new">

It is defined correctly in the constructors:

constructors = (manage_addTopicForm, manage_addTopicAction, 
manage_addTopic, )

Does anybody know why it has this behaviour?

Zope never ceases to surprise me ...

regards Max M

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