[Zope] Zope evaluation questions

Stefan H. Holek stefan at epy.co.at
Fri Oct 10 11:53:09 EDT 2003

--On Freitag, 10. Oktober 2003 09:54 -0400 Jeff Rankin <jrankin at oneil.com> 

> 1. Can you share experiences about using Zope with IIS?

No, use Apache ;-)

> 2. Is it still absolutely necessary to use Zope behind another web server?
> Most of the info on the web I've found about not using Zope's web server
> is a few years old.

If exposed to the Internet, **absolutely**.

> 3. In terms of templating systems, do you find yourselves using DTML or
> ZPT?

ZPT. DTML is very, very obsolete for quite some time already. Unfortunately 
it is still featured in most of the books...

> 4. If the initial Zope-based projects work out well, we're going to
> consider using Zope on a much bigger project. At peak times, this project
> has about 200 concurrent users. It'a a very database intensive
> application. Will Zope scale well to something of this size? The current
> version of this application is a load-balanced Cold Fusion setup.

You can load-balance Zope as well, if that's what you mean.


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