[Zope] Zope evaluation questions

Dylan Reinhardt zope at dylanreinhardt.com
Fri Oct 10 12:50:42 EDT 2003

On Fri, 2003-10-10 at 06:54, Jeff Rankin wrote:
> 1. Can you share experiences about using Zope with IIS?

Zope won't complain... but you will inherit IIS's numerous problems.

> 2. Is it still absolutely necessary to use Zope behind another web server?
> Most of the info on the web I've found about not using Zope's web server is
> a few years old.

Not necessary, but wise.  

Apache is more aggressively maintained and more widely deployed than
Zope's webserver component.  It's assumed that this makes Apache + Zope
more secure and reliable than Zope alone.  Given IIS's chronic issues, I
doubt Zope + IIS presents much of an advantage over Zope standalone.  

Either way, caching is a Good Thing, so there may be significant
advantages to running *something* in front of Zope for any app that's
going to support more than a few dozen concurrent users.

> 3. In terms of templating systems, do you find yourselves using DTML or ZPT?

That's a bit of a religious question hereabouts.  There are Zopers who
will advocate ZPT without needing to hear your requirements first.  ZPT
is *clearly* a better tool, but better tools don't necessarily create
better results. :-)  

To provide some balance, it may be worth noting that DTML will probably
be more intuitive if you're used to ASP.  Having said that, neither one
should be used the way ASP typically is.  Whichever templating language
you pick, make a point of using Python scripts for *all* business
logic.  Life is much better that way.



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