[Zope] Counting sessions in Zope

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Fri Oct 10 14:21:33 EDT 2003

Gitte Wange wrote at 2003-10-10 16:12 +0200:
 > I have implemented some Session-based login to Zope - works very nice :-)
 > The reason for doing the logins by sessions, is because I hope to then be
 > able to count how many users are logged-in (or how many sessions there are
 > - I know that there can be a delay on the expiration of the sessions).
 > But how do I count the sessions? Is it possible?

Sure, the management interface for "Transient Object Container"
tells you the number of items (i.e. the number of sessions).
Look at its source.


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