[Zope] Programmatically Adding Product from DTML

Vern T Takebayashi vern at hcc.hawaii.edu
Fri Oct 10 17:43:38 EDT 2003

Sorry if this has been asked before, but is there a way to add a product
using DTML that goes to the initial form for setting properties (like id)

For example,

<dtml-call "manage_addFolder('testfolder')">

causes a folder with an id of 'testfolder' to be created.  But, is there a
way to go to the form that allows setting the id (instead of directly
creating the folder without user interaction).

The reason why I am asking is that I created a simple product that uses a
form to initialize the product's properties.  When, I select the Add drop
down list and select my product, this form pops up and the action the form
calls creates the product.  However, I would like to be able to view a
page that will bring up the form and create the product in response to
filling out the form.  This would allow me to create a site that allows
student evaluations to be done (the product is the evaluation scores).

If you can point me in the right direction I would appreciate it.



Vern Takebayashi		vern at hcc.hawaii.edu
Honolulu Community College

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