[Zope] zope.org product pages problem: swrelease_edit_form

Jamie Heilman jamie at audible.transient.net
Sat Oct 11 06:52:13 EDT 2003

Tobias Herp wrote:
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It isn't so much a bug as it is really confusing workflow, which is
mentioned somewhat prominently on the front page of zope.org as one of
the main bullet points of things that are being worked on.  From the
description they give it doesn't sound as though the
retract-edit-resubmit will be changed however, rather just made more
evident by way of interface tweaks.  The whole notion of "retracting"
a software product to edit it first though really bothers my senses.
When a product has been retracted, is it still visible, indexed, etc?
What about when its pending publication?

If in fact this is some strange form of concurrent versioning it sure
doesn't feel like it, which is rather disconcerting.  I really don't
have any problem with moderated publishing (given all the xss holes in
zope its one of the only reasons I feel even moderately comfortable
logging into something that uses cookies for authentication, one would
hope the moderators are on their guard for credential thieves) but
being able to scrape something together in the [private] background
and then press it into the [published] foreground over the top of what
was previously there seems like a much more natural publishing

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