[Zope] Re: CookieCrumbler: Login a user without a "login_form" Template

Nico Grubert nicogrubert at web.de
Mon Oct 13 03:58:02 EDT 2003

hello jens,

well, I set the cookie in the RESPONSE like this:

def login_User(self, REQUEST=None):

    req  = REQUEST

    name = 'testuser'  # this user exists in acl_users
    pw   = '123'

    ac   = encodestring('%s:%s' % (name, pw))

    req._auth = 'basic %s' % ac
    resp._auth = 1

    cookie_name = '__ac'
    cookie_value = quote( ac )

    resp.setCookie( cookie_name, cookie_value, path='/')    # set the '__ac' auth cookie
    pt = getattr(self, 'welcome') # get a page template    
    return pt(REQUEST)

The code is taken from CookieCrumbler (modifyRequest() method).

Unfortunately, this does not work. After I call this External Method I am still not logged in. I am redirected to:  http://localhost:8080/testfolder/myZPT/login_form?came_from=...
Anything I missed?

> Look at how the CookieCrumbler sets the cookie and replicate that. A 
> cookie that you set in a request will only be read *during the next 
> request*.

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