[Zope] Zope content not available

Rob Harville RobH at Insynq.com
Mon Oct 13 13:09:51 EDT 2003

We have a Linux server that is running Apache and Zope for some web content.
This server/system was set up some time ago by a person who is no longer at
the company.  As a further complication, we don't even have anyone on staff
anymore who is a capable Linux admin.  We have me.  I know just enough to be
able to make changes to web content, DNS and Firewall, but not true
administration of this box or its services.

Today the Zope-managed content is not available on the web.  I have logged
on to the host server and have restarted both Zope and Apache without
effect.  I know Zope is running because I can FTP to it on Port 8021 and can
see the content there.  I know this is a very vague request, but can someone
help me with where to begin looking for the problem?  Any assistance would
be much appreciated.  Thanks.


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