[Zope] Zope content not available

BZ bz at bwanazulia.com
Mon Oct 13 14:18:28 EDT 2003

Hi Rob,

Looks like it is your start script.

You should give Zope a IP and port to start up on for the webserver.

Look at the code of the z2.py, in the top it has all the of the parameters
you need (don't have one in front of me now).

It looks like you need to remove the first "&" so it will run in debug
mode (so you can see it start from the command line) and add in a "-w
8080" to tell it to start the webserver (-w) on port 8080. (it might be -W

It is all in the z2.py which is in the root of the zope directory.


> Thanks.
> 1)  I found the Zope home directory and this is the contents of the Start
> script.
> #! /bin/sh
> reldir=`dirname $0`
> INST_HOME=`cd $reldir; pwd`
> export INST_HOME
> exec /usr/bin/python2.1 \
>         $INST_HOME/z2.py \
>         -F /tmp/zope.soc \
>         &
>         #-D "$@" &
> 2)  Pinging localhost with a specified port doesn't work (doesn't work for
> any port on any machine--this is not an option I'm familiar with).  Using
> Lynx results in "HTTP request sent;  waiting for response." on either 80
> or
> 8080.
> 3)  Python does show as a running service using Top, as does Apache.
> I'm not yet ready to reboot the server because I'm not certain it doesn't
> have other jobs.  Any additional thoughts?  Thanks.
> Rob
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> Some help:
> 1) Take a look at the start script "start" in the root of your Zope
> directory. It is what controls the web, ftp and monitor servers. It is
> possible it is just not starting up the webserver. Look at the "z2.py" for
> documentation on the start script parameters. It will also tell you what
> port it is started on.
> 2) Try pinging it from the machine > ping localhost:8080   or > lynx
> localhost:8080, localhost:80
> 3) Run top from the command line. Look for "python".
> BZ
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>> We have a Linux server that is running Apache and Zope for some web
>> content.
>> This server/system was set up some time ago by a person who is no longer
>> at
>> the company.  As a further complication, we don't even have anyone on
>> staff
>> anymore who is a capable Linux admin.  We have me.  I know just enough
>> to
>> be
>> able to make changes to web content, DNS and Firewall, but not true
>> administration of this box or its services.
>> Today the Zope-managed content is not available on the web.  I have
>> logged
>> on to the host server and have restarted both Zope and Apache without
>> effect.  I know Zope is running because I can FTP to it on Port 8021 and
>> can
>> see the content there.  I know this is a very vague request, but can
>> someone
>> help me with where to begin looking for the problem?  Any assistance
>> would
>> be much appreciated.  Thanks.
>> Rob
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