[Zope] dynamic sort=

Jim Penny jpenny at universal-fasteners.com
Mon Oct 13 16:08:01 EDT 2003

"Derek S. Wilson" <dwilson at abrazohealth.com> wrote:

>I started learning DTML, then converted a couple applications to ZPT
>and I like ZPT - it's nice. I like that I can convert to ZPT on a live
>site - it intermixes with DTML very well.

Seconded.  I wrote some serious flames when I first started using ZPT. 
The ZPT system is, however, mostly much better than DTML.  The
biggest reason is that well-formed HTML is mostly forced.

This is true even though I am a solo developer who never uses GUI tools.

I still have some reservations about ZPT's tendency towards putting
logic in the middle of the expression, but this can be somewhat
ameliorated using a colorizing editor.

Jim Penny

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