[Zope] Connecting to Zope with a Thick Client

Etienne Labuschagne elabuschagne at gmsonline.co.za
Tue Oct 14 07:56:57 EDT 2003

We have created quite a few web-based solutions using Zope.  We are now 
looking at using Zope for a project requiring an application server but 
with thick clients connecting to it.

We will probably use Zope as the application server and connect to it with 
Python-based wxWindows clients (we MAY add a web interface later on, so 
Zope seems perfect).  Since we would require "callback" abilities to the 
clients, XML-RPC would not be quite the perfect solution for client to Zope 
communications.  The only way I can think of doing "callbacks" to a client 
with XML-RPC, is if the client polls the server for callbacks - not exactly 
a pure callback!

We are thinking of using something like OSE to handle client to Zope 
connections and will have to plug OSE into Zope (or at least incorporate 
OSE abilities into the classes of our application).  The first prize will 
be if we can plug OSE into Zope in much the same seamless way as XML-RPC is 
incorporated into Zope.

Does this solution sound feasible or are there other better solutions?

Any comments, suggestions would be appreciated!

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