[Zope] Connecting to Zope with a Thick Client

Roché Compaan roche at upfrontsystems.co.za
Tue Oct 14 11:47:45 EDT 2003

* Etienne Labuschagne <elabuschagne at gmsonline.co.za> [2003-10-14 15:43]:
> I know that OSE is very complete and quite stable.  On the other hand 
> Twisted seems more Python and less C++, but I don't know how mature it is.
> It may be that they are not really comparable and that one will be much 
> better suited to what I'm trying to do - will have to inverstigate . . .

You can also look at ZEO, specifically the zrpc package which uses
Python's asyncore and socket modules. You probably won't be able to use
it as is but there is more than enough there to get you going and its
closer to Zope than Twisted and OSE.

Roché Compaan
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