[Zope] Zope start finished

J Cameron Cooper jccooper at jcameroncooper.com
Tue Oct 14 12:35:39 EDT 2003

>we have a local Zope installation on a laptop to present our product.
>Our problem is, that starting Zope lasts a relative long time and we
>have no feedback when our product is 
>ready to work.
>Is there a possiblity to show the user e.g. a message box when zope and
>the product are ready to work and
>the user can start the presentation?
>For example is there a method that can be overwritten in order to do
If you start it on the console, there's a message that says when the 
webserver is up and running. This isn't pretty, granted. I doubt there's 
a hook for that (most people don't use Zope as a user application), but 
you can stick in a call to whatever sort of notification mechanism you 
like right next to that in the Zope source.

My ad hoc in-development solution is to (1) know how long the restart 
takes, as its relatively constant and/or (2) use ZEO, which can start 
the front-end much much faster.

If you're going to put a UI element up (wxPython or whatever), you'll 
probably have to run from the console. Otherwise I don't know how you 
can find the window system.

May I suggest that you start Zope prior to your presentation? Seems like 
the obvious solution to me, but I'm sure you have your reasons.


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