[Zope] multiple records update

Mike Doanh Tran mtran at shufflemasterrd.com
Tue Oct 14 14:02:59 EDT 2003


I am trying to update multiple customers records on the same page.  I put 
individual customer records into lists.  For example, I have four lists:

field1: ['a','b','c','d'}
field2: ['a2','b2','c2','d2']
field3: ['a3','b3','c3','d3']
Cust_ID: ['1','2','3','4']

How do i break these list down so that i can pass it to a ZSQL method to 
udpate this:

UPDATE customers SET
where  Cust_ID=1

Then interate until the end of each list where Cust_ID=4

Is this possible to do in DTML?  Thanks in advance for any suggestions,


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