[Zope] Re: FYI: Epoz 0.6 with CSS-Support

Jesper Holmberg jesperh at dsv.su.se
Wed Oct 15 07:40:00 EDT 2003

* On Wed Oct 15, Maik Jablonski wrote:
> >No, this was on my own site. I don't know if I correctly updated from an
> >earlier version of Epoz: I removed the old Epoz directory in
> >.../python/Products, restarted Zope, and then ran again the external
> >method I used to install Epoz before. Now I have the problem with
> >alignment not working in IE. It does seem to work fine in Mozilla under
> >Linux.
> Seems to be the same problem with the plone.css... Try to remove the
>  p {text-align: justify;}
> in the css-definitions. Then it should work with IE again.
> Cheers, Maik

Yes, that seems to have fixed it. Is this a bug in Epoz, or a problem with
Plone? It is a problem of maintenance if I need to keep another ccs-file
up to date to make Epoz work.


p.s. Great work on Epoz, by the way! Plugging in Epoz into our site was a major
reason I could convince the people in my project we should go with Plone.

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