[Zope] FYI: Epoz 0.5.2 released

Fernando Martins fmartins at hetnet.nl
Wed Oct 15 17:00:19 EDT 2003

Chris Withers:
> Maik Jablonski wrote:
> > Fernando Martins wrote:
> >
> >> Can you explain this DTML line from the edit Method?
> >>
> >> <dtml-if html><dtml-call "manage_edit(_.str(html),title)"></dtml-if>
> That's code crying out to be in a python script if I ever saw it ;-)

Yeah, it was part of the reason for not understanding it (I'm used to a dual
zpt pythonscript). In addition, all the names (html, etc.) seemed to be
falling from the sky. Ok, it was also late in the night when I read it.  ;-)


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