[Zope] Zope Evaluation

Gabriela López Ruiz glopezruiz at msn.com
Fri Oct 17 09:00:26 EDT 2003

Hi all,
I'm evaluating Zope platform and Zope products, just in a general way. My 
main goal is to find out if I can use Zope as a simple platform where we 
could develop and delivery web-based applications.
The principal characteristics that a platform like what we are looking for 
has to have are:
•	licenses (it has to be open source),
•	if it has a rich set of products,
•	it it has a great users community,
•	if there is many available documentation (in Internet, in bookstores, 
•	the possibility of integration with external databases,
•	if it has a security model (and how strong is that model),
•	if it gives the possibility of avoiding the interaction of a web master in 
all deployments,
•	how many languages does it support and which ones,
•	recommendations concerning the base product to be taken, which of these 
options is better and why: CMF + ZOPE, ZOPE only, CMF + PLONE+ ZOPE,
•	if it’s easy installing new products and developing applications,
•	about Clear Case integration,
•	and what about stability/performance
I know that this is a very large list of characteristics, but I will be very 
thankful if you can give me your opinions as you have been working in this 
platform more time than I have. So if you can give me your opinion or can 
send me an URL or some articles where I could find the description of some 
of this characteristics, it would be better.

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