[Zope] Zope Evaluation

Jake (aka BZ) jake at zopezone.com
Fri Oct 17 09:59:57 EDT 2003

1) Zope is open source
2) Zope has tons of products
3) We are great. :)
4) Zope has many books (5?). Read them all.
5) Zope can integrate with many RDMS including MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle,
6) Zope has very good role based security.
7) You will need Zope + user system. That is either CMF or Plone.
8) Products are pretty darn easy and quick to build once you get the hang
of it. I run about 5 main products that I either built from scratch or
built up to meet my needs.
9) Stability is not a concern. Make sure you system is stable (unix) and
wait till something has been out for a few revs before moving to it


Gabriela López Ruiz said:
> Hi all,
> I'm evaluating Zope platform and Zope products, just in a general way. My
> main goal is to find out if I can use Zope as a simple platform where we
> could develop and delivery web-based applications.
> The principal characteristics that a platform like what we are looking for
> has to have are:
> •	licenses (it has to be open source),
> •	if it has a rich set of products,
> •	it it has a great users community,
> •	if there is many available documentation (in Internet, in bookstores,
> etc),
> •	the possibility of integration with external databases,
> •	if it has a security model (and how strong is that model),
> •	if it gives the possibility of avoiding the interaction of a web master
> in
> all deployments,
> •	how many languages does it support and which ones,
> •	recommendations concerning the base product to be taken, which of these
> options is better and why: CMF + ZOPE, ZOPE only, CMF + PLONE+ ZOPE,
> •	if it’s easy installing new products and developing applications,
> •	about Clear Case integration,
> •	and what about stability/performance
> I know that this is a very large list of characteristics, but I will be
> very
> thankful if you can give me your opinions as you have been working in this
> platform more time than I have. So if you can give me your opinion or can
> send me an URL or some articles where I could find the description of some
> of this characteristics, it would be better.
> Regards,
> Gabriela.
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