[Zope] Zope and garbage collection

kosh kosh at aesaeion.com
Sat Oct 18 16:50:22 EDT 2003

On Saturday 18 October 2003 07:54, Ted holden wrote:
> Dumb question here:
> Having a user browse to a web page which involves a python
> object clearly creates the object.  What happens when the user either
> switches his browser to some other web site or turns off his modem?  Does
> that somehow delete the object and, if not, does the developer need to
> concern himself with garbage collection?  In other words, is garbage
> collection automatic with Zope?

Okay  you seem to have a minor problem with how page publishing is handled. 
The page is parsed from objects but it is sent to the browser as a string. 
Once that string is made those objects are free to be garbage collected 
although with caching that does not always happen right away for the objects. 
However zope does auto garbage collect memory.

What the person does with their browser, modem etc will have no effect on how 
zope collects objects. Since by the time their browser, modem etc is dealing 
with it zope is already done with it. Of course there are lots of little 
exceptions to this but it is likely you won't run into any of them. Things 
like caching, cookies etc can effect this.

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