[Zope] trouble uninstalling placeless translation service

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Sun Oct 19 12:25:29 EDT 2003

Russell Uman wrote at 2003-10-14 11:39 -0700:
 > i'm running zope 2.6.1 with ZEO.
 > i attempted to install PlacelessTranslationService for use in a plone/CMF site, and then gave up after deciding that it was too painful to 
 > get PlacelessTranslationService working with 2.6.1.
 > However, even after removing the Product, i still see the placeless translation service tool (broken, of course) in my control panel with 
 > the title:
 > "This object from the PlacelessTranslationService product is broken!"

Thus, you want to delete this tool.

It may be necessary to reinstall the product to cleanly delete the tool
(and then uninstall the product again).


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