[Zope] how to fix this code problem?

Sergey Volobuev zope at phpv.khv.ru
Mon Oct 20 11:03:02 EDT 2003

>index_html  ''' a file 
>myfiles     ''' a file 
>Files       ''' a folder

I believe that index_html and myfiles are not files, but something like 
DTML Method and Script (Python).
If you think that "everything which is not a folder is a file" - you 
think wrong.

If you want a list of all non-folderish objects, you should search 
google for something like isPrincipiaFolderish (don't remember exact 
name) or check for existense of objectValues method of every object.

Also, i think that you should change all occurences of "container" to 
"context" or "here" to make your script really useful :)

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