[Zope] help with groups support

J. Cameron Cooper jccooper at jcameroncooper.com
Mon Oct 20 18:39:00 EDT 2003

>I want to add support for groups to my zope site, but I don't know whats the 
>best way to go about it. There are so many groups products available. Could 
>someone please suggest which ones works the best (for them) and why. Idealy I 
>would like to import my groups from a unix group file. 
I'm not going to say what's best, but I use GroupUserFolder and it works 
very well.

To use the Unix groups you would need a UserFolder that makes entries in 
the groups file look like users. Put this in the Groups folder of a GRUF 
acl_users folder and you got your groups. I don't know of anything that 
will do this for you, but you can probably do it easily with 
SimpleUserFolder or ExtensibleUserFolder (XUF).

If you don't care about synchronization with /etc/groups then it should 
be even easier to write a script (external method) to make new groups 
from the entries in that file.


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