[Zope] Re: ZopeVersionControl

Brian Lloyd brian at zope.com
Mon Oct 20 21:13:22 EDT 2003

> >> Shane Hathaway wrote: ZopeVersionControl lacks the ability to track
> >> subobject changes. Is this something that is planed for future 
> >> versions of ZopeVersionControl?
> > 
> > Applications that use ZopeVersionControl are supposed to track sub
> > objects for themselves.  This won't change.
> Ok. I need to look closer on how ZopeVersionControl works
> to understand that :-)

In case it helps, the WebDAV versioning spec does a reasonable 
job of explaining the approach required for "sane" container 
versioning (you can read a lot of the justifications for the 
decisions in subversion in this).

At a very high level, you really need to be able to treat 
containers as containers of "bindings" or references rather 
than as containers of real objects. Doing that in a backward 
compatible way with current Zope apps is a tough task (which 
is why we haven't tried for a fits-all solution).

> >> But if you recommend it I'll dive in to the ZopeVersionControl code
> >> and try to figure out what I can do :-)
> >> 
> >> Are there any plans for ZopeVersionControl? Who's manager for it?
> > 
> > Are you volunteering? ;-)  Just kidding.

I have that sinking feeling that I may have been the last to touch some 
parts of it, which according to our grand tradition may make me the 
owner :)

I'm pretty familiar with the internals, and I don't think that 
those have changed much. Let me know if you have any questions and 
I'll do everything I can to help.


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