[Zope] Re: Zope Digest, Vol 3, Issue 34

nwingfield at che-llp.com nwingfield at che-llp.com
Tue Oct 21 09:43:50 EDT 2003

Look into the GroupUserFolder.  It's easy to use and gives you full
group-based security.  It actually wraps two user folders, one to store
users and one to store groups.  This is a good thing because you can
replace the wrapped user folders with any custom user folder you want, for
example LDAPUserFolder.

> ----- Message from Matthew Thorley <ruach at chpc.utah.edu> on Fri, 17
> Oct 2003 14:09:16 -0600 -----
> To:
> zope at zope.org
> Subject:
> [Zope] help with groups support
> I want to add support for groups to my zope site, but I don't know whats
> best way to go about it. There are so many groups products available.
> someone please suggest which ones works the best (for them) and
why.Idealy I
> would like to import my groups from a unix group file.
> Thanks very much in advance
> -matthew

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