[Zope] Logging user actions

Jesper Holmberg jesperh at dsv.su.se
Tue Oct 21 10:48:14 EDT 2003

I would like to be able to track what our users are doing at our Plone site,
since we are doing research on their behavior. To that end, I would like to
get as comprehensible an log of what they are doing as possible. It is not
strictly necessary to view exactly which pages are viewed by which user, but
at least I would like to log all changes made to the site; if not the exact
change, at least the fact that a certain page, or a certain content has been
changed by a certain user.

I have studied the logs, Z2.log, Z2-detailed.log, and the event log, but
they don't really contain all the information that I am after.

I guess what I am after is a sort of text log version of the information
stored in the ZODB and its "Undo" functionality, so that one with
reasonable resolution could study the logs and say, "User1 edited his home
page, then he added a comment to User2's docuemnt, and sent a message to
User3". We don't want to change what they have done, only study them. Do
you have any tips about how one could go about doing this?


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