[Zope] Re: A plea for equality

Tom P. Allred tom at allreddata.com
Tue Oct 21 16:33:36 EDT 2003


I'm not here to defend sexism, racism or other anti-social behaviors but I
have to wonder if you're not using a shotgun to kill a fly.  I've only been
following this list for about 4 months but it is one of the nicest lists
I've ever read.  Responders are almost universally gentle with and
respectful of people who post here.  You've given absolutely no specifics
and admit you're only talking about a 'few people'.  Wouldn't your outrage
and comments be more effectively directed to those lists, IRC channels and
individuals that you find offensive?  Certainly it's an open list and people
can say whatever they want but I was just wondering why you feel the need to
address the entire community with your outrage.  If there are any women who
feel the community has discriminated against them, as opposed to some
individual Neanderthal, I think we'd like to hear from them directly since
you've raised the issue to the community as a whole.

Tom P. Allred, MCSE, RHCE, CCNA
Allred Data Consulting, Inc.
Tom at AllredData.com

> I have come across something that I think most people have come across
> before in IT .. and in general .. something called sexism. Something a
> female zopista told me today tipped me over the edge to write this ..
> it's something I have seen myself on plenty of occassions ...
> No this is not something 'rampant' in the community .. just something
> that happens occassionaly .. and being one of those people that despise
> the ignorance that leads to these types of comments .. have to say
> something. I just wanted to ask everyone to think about the communities
> they are in, and that they are made up of all sorts, and all types. Our
> IRC channels are made up of them as well. A lot of the time these people
> stay 'quiet', and learn and listen ... to developers that talk about
> their female counterparts in derogatory ways .. as though the channels
> are made up up macho men.
> Knowing the community doesn't feel this way as a whole, I would like to
> say to those few people to THINK before being so ignorant.
> I know personally of people that are avoiding certain IRC channels due
> to the fact they find them male dominated, and sexist, and I find this
> SHOCKING. It's not in the people or who's there .. but some regular
> users attitudes to a community they feel comfortable with as they are
> leaders or regulars in their area.
> I just want people to think .. if you want to talk about your
> relationships .. or relationships, or peoples life choices in general ..
> be aware the community is made up of ALL of them.
> thanks for your time to read this ..
> Dave
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