[Zope] Newbie Questions

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Tue Oct 21 16:54:20 EDT 2003

Graham Bird wrote at 2003-10-21 06:34 -0700:
 > I'm completely new to Zope, a non-programmer but at least half way 
 > technically competent - or so I thought!
 > I'm trying to install Plone (now on a windows PC (XP Pro), later on RH 
 > Linux system for real use).
 > As I understand it, I need to:
 > * Install Zope (done and running)
 > * Install CMF and configure (stuck here, see later)
 > * Install Plone (not yet attempted)

For Windows, there is a complete "Plone" installer.
It does everything for you (installing Zope, CMF and Plone).

 > In reading the instructions I see (at least) two conflicting sets of 
 > instructions, neither of which seem to get the result I want.
 > I have tried creating a Products directory (in Zope home directory), 

The "Products" directory is already there: it is

 > unzipping the CMF into that (I caught the CR/LF instruction) and restarted 
 > Zope.  No sign of the CMF components.

You must copy (after unzipping) 
the CMF Products ("CMFCore" and "CMFDefault") to your
"Products" directory.

 > ...
 > What IS the correct way to install the CMF )on Windows first, then on a RH 
 > Linux system)?

When you are interested in Plone, you install its installer for Windows.

On RedHat, you install Zope and then Plone (following the Plone installation
instructions). Plone comes with a modified CMF. Thus, use this rather than
the stock CMF.
Be sure to use CMF 1.3.2, when you use your own CMF.


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