[Zope] BTreeFolder2 add speed with 10k objects

Jeff Youel jyouel-lists at youel.net
Tue Oct 21 17:44:47 EDT 2003

> From: Dieter Maurer, Sent: Tuesday, October 21, 2003 1:08 PM

Thanks for the response.

> That is really astonishing:

It is, but I'm not sure my test rigging was correct.  Today, it looks
like the BTreeFolder2._setOb() is taking the time but the 
tree[id]=object line is not responsible.  Instead the 
object.manage_afterAdd(object, self) call seems to be the slowdown.

I was able to work around the problem by replacing
with my own version for this special case.

> The "BTrees.check" module has a function "display". You can 
> use it to display your tree. What be interesting how it looks like.

Thanks, I'll try that.


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