[Zope] Custom register script

Declan Shanaghy dshanaghy at 350nice.com
Tue Oct 21 17:49:22 EDT 2003

I have done some customization to the register script for my portal.
Everything works fine when a Manager uses the register script to
register other users.
However when an anonymous user tries to register himself it barfs
because of the last line of the following code.

portal_registration.addMember(REQUEST['username'], password,
homeFolder = portal.portal_membership.getHomeFolder(id=username)
if homeFolder:
  homeFolder.setTitle (Name + "'s Home")

That line is just setting the title on the users home folder. 
Shouldn't this be allowed?

I have worked around the problem by setting a proxy role for Manager on
the register script, but this is kind of dangerous because the register
script takes some parameters which could allow someone to do something
i dont want them to.

Does anyone have any other suggestions for to do this?

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