[Zope] Logging user actions

Jesper Holmberg jesperh at dsv.su.se
Wed Oct 22 03:34:57 EDT 2003

* On Tue Oct 21, Dieter Maurer wrote:
> Jesper Holmberg wrote at 2003-10-21 16:48 +0200:
>  > I would like to be able to track what our users are doing at our
>  > Plone site, since we are doing research on their behavior. To that
>  > end, I would like to get as comprehensible an log of what they are
>  > doing as possible. It is not strictly necessary to view exactly which
>  > pages are viewed by which user, but at least I would like to log all
>  > changes made to the site; if not the exact change, at least the fact
>  > that a certain page, or a certain content has been changed by a
>  > certain user.
> Check whether the information under the "Undo" tab is enough.
> It tells you who called what modifying operation when.
> Note that this information is trimmed when you pack the database.

Thanks for your suggestion, Dieter. Yes, the information under the
undo-tab is a good start. I was just wondering if there is a possibility
to get the information in this tab logged somewhere, or somehow save the
information to a file. 


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